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Shane Lee Yaw, better known as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, actor, filmmaker, writer, and musician. One of the first people to rise to fame on YouTube, he began making videos in 2008 at the age of 19 and garnered over 500 million views during the next two years. Buy Shane Dawson Merch Here!

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Shane Lee Yaw, more popularly known as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, vlogger, and social media personality. He was given the Teen Choice Award in 2010 in the category of ‘Choice Web Star’ and also won the Streamy Award for best vlogger in the same year. He plays multiple characters in his own videos, the most popular of whom are ‘Shanaynay’, ‘Ned, the Nerd’, ‘S.Deezy’, Shane’s mom, the superhuman ‘Switch’, ‘Aunt Hilda’ and other impersonations.

He has three channels, ShaneDawsonTV, ShaneDawsonTV2 and Shane, his vlogging site, which he seldom uses. He started ShaneDawsonTV in 2008 and his other channel, ShaneDawsonTV2 (later known as Human Emoji) was started a year later. His YouTube channels, collectively, have more than 16.4 million subscribers as of April 2016 and his videos have amassed more than 3 billion views. From a shy, obese, confused teenager he has become an extrovert and a slightly less confused adult who looks at life with a funny lens and has definitely overcome his weight issues.

Family & Personal Life

Shane claims that his difficult childhood with an alcoholic abusive father was tough.He was his family’s funny bone who made them laugh when there were not-so-funny things going on in their domestic lives. Though his videos are annoying to some, there are some other people out there who need a laugh and turn to his videos to grab a few—critics can take it or leave it.

Shane used to date Nadine Sykora from December 2010 to November 2011; she is a fellow YouTuber with her own YouTube page, ‘HeyNadine’. He later dated Lisa Schwartz, but broke up with her. Soon after, he released his confessional video wherein he stated that he is bisexual. He linked up with Chad Morgan II in 2015. But 2016 saw him with Garrett Watts, but that relationship too lasted for only a month. In 2016, he started dating Ryland Adams, the host, writer and producer for the popular web news network Clevver Media . Shane has four dogs, Miley, Charlie, Chocolate and Unicorn (nicknamed Corny) and two cats, Muffy and Snoop. After all, dogs (cats, too, in this case) are a man’s best friends!

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